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About me

I am an experienced user-centered website designer and website developer from Ballymena in Northern Ireland who specialises in making websites that are accessible to everyone, easy to use and effective. I try and make them beautiful and memorable too. I would like to design and build an attractive, simple and effective website for you, that adds value to your business.

my core values

  • Professionalism

    I will endeavour to undertake all business relationships in a professional manner, treating you and your employees with respect at all times.

  • Integrity

    You won’t get jargon or false promises, just solid honest advice and a commitment to deliver  the most suitable website for your needs.

  • Passion

    I love what I do,  I am driven by a desire to produce excellent, effective websites. Money is not my priority, but I do have bills to pay & a family to feed!

  • Solid relationships

    All successful websites depend upon developing solid & trusting relationships. Planning, designing and building the website is the easy part, it is on arrival of your first website visitor that the real process begins. I want to be there with you.

  • Patience

    Not everyone is a web expert, that’s why you are looking for a web designer and/or a web developer, right? I understand this and am committed to guiding you through the process one step at a time.

  • Attention to detail

    Creativity and passion are important, but someone has to sort out the finer detail. I have that covered, some people find it disconcerting how meticulous I can be.

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my professional bio

I graduated with an honours degree in Business Studies from Napier University in Edinburgh in 1995 where I was also a student member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Fast forward a year, following some travel and experiencing what the world had to offer, I created my first web site in 1996 and have been working full-time in the web industry since then. My first position was as a web designer with Magnett Sytems Ltd in Belfast and included work for Queens University and the Health and Safety Executive. It was still the 90’s so fortunately none of those sites still exist (phew!). For the uninitiated, lets just say things have come a long way since then.

In 2002, I was promoted to head up the web team of the newly formed White Software Ltd as senior web designer/web developer and developed my project management skills, coordinating with web designers and programmers, as we were known back then. Sadly, a year later the company stopped trading. I spent a couple of months freelancing and learning some new web skills, before taking a short term contract as a website consultant with a Belfast printing company. I was responsible for developing and updating in house bespoke software solutions, to assist in the provision of digital printing services, which means I wrote some code and designed some usable interfaces.

By Spring of 2003 I had moved to another Belfast Internet Company, Radar Digital, where I was employed as lead web developer and was responsible for implementing bespoke CMS and e-commerce systems for clients including BT and The Steensons

In 2003 I began using and advocating for web standards and in December took a position with yet another Belfast based streaming media and web design company as a web standards designer, developer and consultant. I was responsible for re-aligning their approach to a web standards one. Whilst there I worked with some great clients like N.I.S.R.A, N.I.C.I.E & W5.

The penultimate chapter in the story saw me head-hunted (for want of a better word) in 2004 by a local IT company MCC here in Ballymena. The opportunity to work closer to home along with the chance to bring the whole web standards movement outside of the city boundary sealed the deal and I accepted the position to lead their web division. In this role I was able to bring some degree of forward-thinking, modern web design and web development practices to my clients . I found myself doing everything from information architecture to interaction design, visual design to back-end development, front-end development to accessibility compliance. I also spent a great deal of effort trying to educate the directors about how to run a professional web outfit, mentoring them and guiding them through the steps needed to offer a professional website solution. It was not easy but I think my hard work paid off and the clients benefited in the long run, job done! Alas the economy took a nose dive and with it my position. As a result in February 2009 I made the decision to work for myself.

So here I am now, almost 16 years later, running my own web company, ready and able to offer you the benefit of all my web industry experience and expertise. Your go to Website Designer from Ballymena

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Reasons to hire me

photo of me, so I don't have to wear a red carnation when we meet

14+ years web experience

I have over 14 years integrated industry experience in most of the web disciplines and have a proven track record when it comes to delivering effective websites.

Web Design & business

I am not only a website designer but also a business and marketing graduate. I can offer you creative solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and that offer you a return on your investment. I understand your website’s users, your business and your competition.

I take pride in my work

I set myself high standards. Rest assured you will get the work of a skilled craftsman

Bring it all under one roof

I can help you with your entire web strategy (web design, web development, hosting, marketing) or any part of it. Making things more efficient and hopefully saving you money.

I continue to learn

I am constantly learning new skills & techniques which I implement in all my websites so you the client benefit from cutting edge solutions.

Openness, No tie in

I purposefully leverage open source solutions and employ web standards in all projects. This means you are not tied to me and you can easily find a replacement. I hope you don’t have to!.

Your success is my success

I’m in it for the long haul, building trust and relationships. I only want to work with people who I can build a relationship with and deliver an excellent and effective on-line presence. I believe that each client is unique and should be treated so.

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