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I want my code widgets rendered in HTML5 please

Code snippets that are rendered by online services to be copied and pasted onto your webpage or inserted as a widget into your blog. Isn’t it about time we saw a move towards giving people choice, with a simple checkbox or why not a nice UI slider, of what ‘flavour’ of (x)HTML they would like their HTML code rendered.

I have recently experimented a little with HTML5, all be it I only really pay it lip service in this website, in a sort of a psuedo approach using div tags and HTML5 tags; header, nav to name but two.

“Calling all snippet coders, how about furnishing us with the option as which flavour of (x)HTML our html snippets are rendered. ” Dave Harrison

I do however like my pages to validate. Let me stop you right there, I have no wish to drag up old arguments and this article is not a forum to discuss the mentality behind validating your web pages. (I think it is a useful approach and if it can be achieved is something to strive for, allbeit there are cases when it is neither useful nor prudent to attain it).

Here is my gripe, any widgets or copy and paste snippets of code generated by online services like feedburner for example are all generated in XHTML . An example to illustrate my point is in the use of <input> tags which are all generated as self closing tags. Well hey developers guess what, <input> tags shouldn’t self close in HTML5 or HTML4 for that matter (they are void elements). Wake up and smell the roses, a lot of high profile web designers/developers are considering or have implemented the move back to plain old HTML

To sum up

  • Designers are making the move back to html4 or on to html5
  • Developers only offer copy and paste code snippets as XHTML
  • Perhaps I need to start a movement, anyone like to join me?


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