Head Scarves By Ciara - eCommerce Artisan

Ciara specialises in designing headwear for women and children who have lost their hair as a result of chemo or other medical conditions.

She makes most of her collection by hand from her own designs and makes sure all her customers are looked after with the greatest of care. She can relate to them all, as she herself is a cancer survivor and has been through the journey herself.

The problem

Ciara came to me when she was just about to give up on her dream of helping other woman who were experiencing hairloss as a result of chemo. She had been taken advantage of by some less than ethical web people and was very close to throwing in the towel

The Solution

I assured her we could turn her business around and all she needed to do was invest realistically and trust me. Easy eh?! I set about modernising her prestashop store, upgrading and redesinging the site to make it mobile friendly. A number of enhancements and improvments were added and all configurations optimised in the backend to ensure an efficient well organised ecommerce store. I also took over the hosting of the website and advised her on various marketing options. Finally I set up and manage ofr her a google PPC campaign that captures up to 50% of her sites monthly traffic

The Result

Ciara's business is going from strength to strength, growing monthly and meeting (often surpassing) all our sales targets. Ciara is adding new designs to her range regularly and we are assessing possible avenues for further development on a regular basis.

Was the project a success?

We set some targets before the project began to help us determine if Ciara's money was well spent.

These figures serve only as indicators of how successful the project was and show trends that we have measured since I joined the project compared to the previous year. In particular we have seen vast improvment in SEO. google ranking, number of different search terms for which Ciara's website ranks highly not to mention the marked recovery in rankings from a google penalty following a hacked site 18 months ago! .

137% Traffic Increase
61% Increase in Organic Traffic
270% Increase in Orders
900+ Social media follows
200% Increase in Revenues
670+ Search terms with clicks
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Projects like this typically cost from £3000 - £10000.

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