RIR Base - Charity

A website set up by the charity Families United to raise awareness of those whose loved ones have lost their lives whilst serving in the military, through circumstances which they feel are questionable, for example, bullying; assault; suicide or entrapment.

The website honours those fallen servicemen and woman and allows vistors to add their own story to the website.

The problem

The family felt they had no forum or support network to help them deal with the loss of their son Paul

The Solution

I designed and built a website, initially all handcoded, but then following an realignment in 2012 using wordpress that included a roll of honour, a news section and a way for visitors to add their own story

The Result

The website continues to receive steady traffic with occaisonal additions as others share their own stories.

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5500+ Page Views
86 Visitor Nationality
19 Stories Added
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Projects like this typically cost from £1000 - £2500.

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