1. Do you want to invest wisely?

Of course you do, we all do, but it is hard, right? You are bombarded by offers, lots of technical jargon and features you don't fully understand. Everyone telling you that you must make sure XYZ is included. Last thing you want is to have to start all over when you discover things didn't go to plan. Don't be fooled when comparing quotes, you are not comparing like with like. Websites vary considerably in quality

2. Do you want a website that is effective?

So you have decided to invest in a website, good decision, usually!. What do I mean by that? well sometimes your budget can be best put to use not only on the design of the website but also in it's marketing. If you do decide to go for a website make sure it is doing exactly what you need it to do. We can talk about your web strategy and how best to make use of your budget

3. Do you want an experienced, local partner?

Would you be happy to be just another number in the client list of a large faceless agency? or to deal with a 'salesman' who knows nothing about your business or websites and passes you off to a junior designer/developer? Or would you prefer an experienced, professional local partner who can meet you face to face and see your project through personally from beginning to end?

If you are reading this then you have made the decision to get your first website or perhaps come to the realisation that you need a better website. The end is in sight, just one more decision to make...let me help you!

My Work

Have a look at some examples of what I could do for you

project image


Responsive Design, Web Development, Web Strategy, eCommerce, SEO/PPC
An eCommerce project for an local entrepreneur.
project image


Responsive Design, Web Development, Web Strategy, SEO/PPC, Marketing, eCommerce
Cutting Edge responsive eCommerce website design with SEO/PPC marketing.
project image

Ballymena Nursery

Web Strategy, Web Design, Web Development, CMS Training, Events Calander, Alerts
Marketing website for local nursery school in Ballymena
project image

Slemish House Spa

Web Design, UI / UX Design, Web Strategy
UX Design, Storyboards for a Bed & Breakfast / Spa complex.
project image

GH Interiors

Responsive Design, Web Development, Marketing, Video
A website, promotional video and google marketing package for local small business.
project image


Web Design, Web Development, Strategy, SEO/PPC, Logo Refinement
Website & marketing realignment to grow business and generate leads.
project image

B'mena Cultural Directory

Web Design, Web Development, Video, Photography, Strategy, Branding
A much need directory showcasing all the local artisans within the ballymena area.
project image

MRM Contracts

Web Design, Web Development, Strategy, CMS
A website solution for a local joinery contractor.
project image

This is Antrim Ltd

Web Strategy, SEO, Web Design, Web Development, CMS
An online directory project from concept to completition including a full branding package.
The road ahead is fraught with hard decisions when it comes to web design projects
Something to Consider for the Road Ahead:

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to design and build a website, wait until you hire an amateur! Make sure you choose right the first time.

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