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I have collated some articles about website design, web development and other things relating to the industry aimed mainly at people hoping to start out in the industry and also people who are looking for their website designer with whom to start a web project.

Web Strategy Articles

My latest thoughts + musings on Web Strategy.

Nov 13, 2014
Persuading web clients measurable results outweigh website features

What will improve business for our client?" may seem like a normal question to ask but you would be surprised. A vast majority of the web development world tends to favor a "Features-oriented" business model; in other words, they try to sell you as many nifty gadgets and widgets as they possibly can. And sometimes you need nifty gadgets and widgets. But if you fail to ask that crucial question, then it is all gloss

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Jan 16, 2013
The 3 O's of sustainable, effective web design

So in order to determine if our websites are effective we have to be able to measure stuff. Fortunately we have access to all the tools we need to do this. Analytics software is available in many guises, both free and paid for depending on your requirements. (a quick search on 'analytics', 'metrics' or 'usablitiy software' should put you on the right track, with options like google analytics, clicktale, crazyegg, clicky, mint and piwik all getting a nod from this author)

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